Born as a "Pop Art Child" in the mid 60s, grew up in Hamburg Steilshoop,
inspired by my role models such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, to name just two of many,
I started drawing comics about 35 years ago.
Characterized by the pop art of the 60s, I have created many figures, illustrations and mascots for decades!
At some point when the computer age began, I started to vectorize my drawings.
The idea of ​​extracting three sections from the illustrations and thus highlighting the essentials from them
started about 3 years ago - here is a selection of my work.




- each series is only produced once and handed over with a certificate
    - each image is only digitally printed in high resolution once, after which the data is destroyed
    - the outside dimensions of each image are 110 × 83 cm
    - Rear front made of safety glass - Front front made of high-quality anti-reflective glass glued to the back wall, thereby sealing the motif Waterproof
   -  the pictures are also suitable for rooms with climate fluctuations such as garages, bedrooms (or swimming pools.

Custom-made products such as photo collages or my own motifs individually designed by me on request